Episode 1: Fig Trees and the Business of Religion

Episode 1 March 08, 2023 00:17:21
Episode 1: Fig Trees and the Business of Religion
Episode 1: Fig Trees and the Business of Religion

Mar 08 2023 | 00:17:21


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Tim Holwerda Dan Kinnas Austin Slater

Show Notes

Welcome to the first episode of the Deeper podcast! Here is where you'll find Austin, Dan and Tim as we go over questions and comments from the last week's sermon; as well as content that might not have made it to the pulpit on Sunday.

This week, Austin and Dan go over the content from Mark 11, and talk about the Cleansing of the Temple, fig trees, and about how the ways we do the "business" of religion could potentially be distracting people from actually knowing Jesus.

Sermon from last week: https://youtube.com/live/HnzwenYyypk

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